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Disney’s Classic TV: The Mystery in Dracula’s Castle

mystery in draculas castle 01

How many of you remember watching this classic Disney TV movie way back in 1973?   While on summer vacation with their mother, Marsha (Mariette Hartley) brothers Alfie and Leonard Booth (Johnny Whitaker and Scott C. Kolden—who played brothers in the 70s Saturday morning live action show Sigmund and the Sea Monsters) have decided to film their own version of Dracula and want to use the old lighthouse as his castle.  Problem is that two jewel thieves, Keith Raynor and Noah Baxter (Clu Gulager and Mills Watson) have hidden their stolen loot there. When a stray dog nosing in the lighthouse finds a necklace and takes it to Leonard, who wants to use it as a piece of his Dracula costume, the thieves have to figure out a way to get it back without arousing any suspicion.

I don’t think that Disney has ever released this onto VHS or DVD and that is a shame really as it’s a cute story.  Disney made a lot of fun television movies over the years that have yet to be released onto DVD.  I know if they ever officially released this, it would be in my collection of DVD’s in a heart beat!

© 2016 Glory Miller/Graple is Starstruck

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